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Councillor Cormac Devlin has welcomed the new re-design of the Killiney Towers. "It has been confirmed that the Council itself will not have to fund the modifications, "this will come from central Government which means that the new re-design (due to difficulties with the previous one) will still have to come out of public monies which will not sit well with members of the public who question the validity of the scheme in the first place" said Cllr. Devlin.

"For the past number of months public representatives have been in-undated with queries and concerns about the cost, the need and the new layout of the Killiney Towers Roundabout". Therefore, if this design meets the needs of all users, then it needs to be modified ASAP" said Cllr. Devlin.

Councillor Devlin is seeking feedback from motorists, cyclists and pedestrians on the proposed new design. The plan is available online to view  - click here for more information

The most recent up-date from the Council stated;

“An independent Review of the operation and safety regarding the new layout of the Killiney Towers Roundabout has been completed by Clifton Scannell Emerson Associates, Consulting Engineers and was presented to Councillors in advance of the September Area Committee Meeting and was also presented at the October Area meeting.

Further to the comments and questions raised at that meeting by Councillors, a special working meeting of the Dún Laoghaire Area Committee was held on Thursday the 18th October to respond to the issues raised and to identify measures to resolve the issues.

The NTA were present at the meeting and their input provided further clarity on the objectives and overall design elements of this type of roundabout feature.

To assist in addressing the issues raised at the October Dún Laoghaire Area Committee meeting, Traffic Section prepared a Manager's Response to all the main issues raised at the October meeting and this was circulated to all in attendance at the workshop meeting.

Arising from the working meeting, it was agreed that a number of proposed roundabout modifications/options should be worked up for further discussion to include the assessment of replacing the hedgehog kerbing; raising of the cycle track; and the possibility of applying raised platform features at the entry /exit points; examination to remove signaled clutter noting that information signaled may be more clearly/relayed better by means of road markings.

In addition, an information/educational type leaflet to be worked for circulation in the vicinity detailing the aims and objectives of the scheme, placing it in context, the concerns raised and how they are being addressed. The leaflet would also need to be focussed on the educational element and to be clear on the use of the facility by all road users.

Following on from the first meeting, various options have been worked on and these were presented to Councillors at another working group meeting on 22nd November 2012. These options have been outlined in the report presented to the December meeting under Headed Item No. 21. All details can be accessed on the DLR website.

The Traffic Section are now proceeding to detailed design, contractor procurement and construction of the selected option.

Pending the final revised roundabout layout being determined, the recommendations contained within the CSEA Consultants’ Operational Review Report have been implemented.”

John Broderick, Senior Executive Engineer, Traffic Section."

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