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March 2006

Local Councillor Cormac Devlin is currently informing local residents in Sallynoggin that there is a plan on public display about the proposed changes to the 2 Parks in the area.

The plans are available to view in the Council offices in Dún Laoghaire.  The proposed changes are listed below. Cllr. Devlin encourages all residents to make their views know to the Council on the plan in writing before Friday May 19th and submissions should be sent to:

Mr. Declan McCullouch
Planning & Development Department
Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council
Marine Road
Dún Laoghaire
Co. Dublin

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council Parks and Landscape Services Department.
Development and improvement of facilities/amenities (paths, playground, pitch improvements, clubhouses) at Sallynoggin Playing Fields.

It is proposed to undertake improvements in Sallynoggin where two public open spaces on either side of Sallynoggin Road (junction with Rochestown Avenue) contain football pitches.
A number of sports clubs have letting's on these County Council pitches.

A modern sports hall (St. Joseph’s AFC) is located on the larger open space (south of Sallynoggin Road). There are also a number of poor quality changing rooms.

The following works are proposed.

The network of paths in the park needs improvement. There are no satisfactory routes around the perimeter of the park.
This path network will be extended as shown ensuring that conflicts with football pitches are avoided.

Traffic calming and improved visibility at Sallynoggin Road:
At the moment the boundaries on either side of Sallynoggin Road consist of hedgerows, shrubberies and a concrete wall.
Measures to improve the permeability of the open space network (such as replacing the wall and shrubbery with a railings) will be implemented.
The Parks Department in conjunction with the Transportation Department will also explore a safer mechanism for pedestrians to cross Sallynoggin Road (such as traffic calming or pedestrian lights).

A children’s playground will be provided near Pearse Park, as shown.
Boundaries and entrances:
Much of the existing boundary consists of palisade fencing and concrete walls. More attractive alternatives such as a mild steel railing will be installed.
Many existing entrances are poor and these need to be improved to give some consistent appearance and in some instances may be relocated to improve circulation.

Car Parking:
There are a number of locations around the park where improved car parking will be provided.
·Pearse Park and vicinity of St. Joseph’s Clubhouse:
Additional parking bays at right angles to the carriageway are proposed at this location.
·O’ Rourke Park & Sallynoggin Park:
Additional parking bays will be provided at these locations also.

Improvement (expansion) of existing all weather pitches and intensification of use:
As the area is intensively used for active recreation, opportunities may exist for the installation of all weather pitches or synthetic training areas. These opportunities must be explored with the sports clubs, to agree locations, possible sources of funding and subsequent maintenance arrangements.

Improvements to playing surfaces:
Existing pitches will be improved. This will involve regarding to provide a more level surface, additional topsoil, surface improvement and possibly drainage.
The area near the clubhouse at Sallynoggin Park, which is currently used extensively for training, will be examined to ascertain what surface improvements are appropriate to accommodate this level of use.

Sports Pavilions:
·The existing concrete changing rooms on the northern side (Sallynoggin Park) will be improved and modernised with a modest addition to the number of changing rooms.
Proposals are currently being compiled for this development.
·The changing rooms (“Nissen” hut) near Rochestown Avenue, which is fabricated from corrugated sheeting is in poor condition and should be removed. Alternative togging out arrangements for users of this pitch will be agreed.
·The old changing rooms (Pearse Park) should be reconstructed as a store for materials and equipment or a suitable alternative use found.

Removal of concrete wall:
An unattractive concrete wall currently segregates one of the pitches beside Rochestown Avenue and those used by St. Joseph’s AFC. To improve visibility and deter anti-social activity it is proposed to remove this wall entirely.

Road Reservation & Roads Depot:
The proposed widening of Rochestown Avenue and proposed construction of a Roads Maintenance Depot on the open space will affect the boundary with Rochestown Avenue. Existing boundaries will have to be set back and a line of mature Conifer trees (Cypress) will be lost.

Soft Landscaping:
Measures to improve the visual appearance of the site with tree planting and other soft landscaping will be implemented.

It is anticipated that the following works will be undertaken in 2006.
Item                                                            Anticipated Cost
Demolish and dispose of block wall           €16,000.00
Upgrade existing path to cycle track:         €16,800.00
Construct new footpath system through out€112,900.00
Installation of playground                           €120,000.00
TOTAL                                                         €256,700.00

The report of the Manager was read by Rory O’Sullivan, Senior Executive Parks Superintendent and following discussion during which various questions were raised and answered the report was noted.