February 2006

Councillor Cormac Devlin has welcomed Minister of State, Conor Lenihan TD's announcement of over €26m for 12 coutries in some of Africa's worst regions.

€19 million to UN Consolidated Appeal  AND €7.5 million to NGOs and Red Cross

Conor Lenihan T.D., Minister of State for Development Cooperation and Human Rights, today announced details of a humanitarian and recovery aid package of over €26 million for Africa, the largest single such package of assistance.  
The package of funding covers support to both the United Nations Consolidated Appeals Process of humanitarian assistance, as well as assistance to Red Cross and NGO programmes in Africa for both humanitarian and recovery purposes.
Minister Lenihan said “At this early stage in the year, I am focussing on humanitarian crisis situations particularly in Africa.  Ireland is committed not only to increasing its overall funding to humanitarian assistance but providing that funding as early as possible and as flexibly as possible.  This greatly helps those out in the field actually delivering food, water, shelter and medical assistance to do their job and plan ahead.
“I am particularly pleased that Ireland is in a position at this early stage of the year to provide €19 million directly to the UN Consolidated Appeals (CAPs) for the most urgent humanitarian situations in Africa.  
“The Consolidated Appeals Process is a vital tool in delivering a coordinated response to ongoing humanitarian emergencies.  It also draws attention to so-called forgotten or neglected emergencies which have not benefited from high profile, international attention.”
The Minister continued “Ireland is becoming an increasingly important donor to the CAP appeals. I am proud that we are playing a leading role in providing early and generous funding to these vital appeals.  This further underscores Ireland’s commitment to principles of Good Humanitarian Donorship meaning that we continue to focus our efforts equitably on all humanitarian crises, including those that are under-reported or ‘forgotten’.
“This Africa package also contains over €7.5 million in support to NGOs and the Red Cross, primarily for recovery programmes.  Ireland believes that more needs to be done to help countries make the transition from humanitarian relief to recovery and eventually development.  The preventive nature of such funding is all the more important as we witness the devastating impact of the food and drought crises currently affecting the Horn of Africa and the Southern Africa region.  Ireland has already provided €5million this year to help the situation in the Horn of Africa.
“Our support focuses on this key transition from crisis.  They help provide a vital platform for the affected countries to reach the basic targets set out in the Millennium Development Goals.
“This package of support also provides funding to Irish NGOs working in hugely challenging situations across Africa.  I would once again wish to salute them for their efforts in what are demanding and often dangerous situations.  I would like to reiterate the Government’s support for the crucial role they play in assisting vulnerable populations.”
He concluded “The humanitarian situation is kept under constant review by the Government  and our Missions aboard, working closely with the United Nations and the NGO community.  Further support will be approved as the year progresses.”  
1.  Burundi  UNICEF  500,000

2.  Central African Republic  UNICEF  500,000
    Central African Republic          UNDP    250,000
    Central African Republic  WFP    250,000

3.  Chad      UNHCR 500,000 
    Chad      OCHA  250,000

4.  Côte d'Ivoire           UNICEF      500,000

5.  Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)  WFP    2,000,000
    DRC  UNICEF      1,000,000
    DRC  UNHCR       1,000,000

6.  Great Lakes Region  WFP     1,500,000
    Great Lakes Region  OCHA    500,000
    Great Lakes Region  UNHCR  500,000

7.  Malawi Flash Appeal  UNICEF  500,000
    Malawi Flash Appeal  WFP     500,000

8.  Sudan      OCHA  500,000
    Sudan      WHO    500,000
    Sudan      WFP (Darfur)       500,000
    Sudan      WFP (South Sudan)     500,000
    Sudan      Common Fund     2,000,000

9.  Uganda     WFP    1,000,000
    Uganda     UNICEF      500,000

10.  West Africa     UNHCR       500,000
      West Africa     WFP (Niger)       500,000

11.  Zimbabwe  WFP  1,000,000
      Zimbabwe  UNICEF     500,000
      Zimbabwe  IOM    500,000
      Zimbabwe  FAO    250,000

TOTAL: 19,000,000

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