February 2006

Councillor Devlin has welcomed the announcement by the Government for the increase in the Maternity and Adoptive Leave. The details are as follows:

The first increase, on foot of Budget 2006, in the duration of maternity and adoptive leave:

The new arrangements which apply to people taking leave from tomorrow will be as follows:
·Paid maternity leave will increase from 18 to 22 weeks
·Paid adoptive leave will increase from 16 to 20 weeks
·Unpaid maternity leave and unpaid adoptive leave will increase from 8 to 12 weeks

A further increase in leave arrangements as announced in Budget 2006 will come into effect on 1st March 2007.

Maternity leave is to be increased as follows:

Maternity leave (attractingAdditional maternity Total leave
payment of maternity benefit   leave (unpaid)   available:
or salary)

1997 14 weeks         4 weeks18 weeks
Current Position 200618 weeks 8 weeks26 weeks
1 March 2006    22 weeks 12 weeks      34 weeks
1 March 2007           26 weeks  16 weeks     42 weeks

Adoptive leave is to be increased as follows:

Adoptive leave (attractingAdditional adoptiveTotal leave
payment of adoptive benefit    leave (unpaid)available:
or salary)

199710 weeks 4 weeks14 weeks
Current position 200616 weeks 8 weeks24 weeks
1 March 2006    20 weeks       12 weeks       32 weeks
1 March 2007    24 weeks       16 weeks40 weeks
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