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October 2008

Local Fianna Fáil County Councillor, Cormac Devlin has welcomed the Government announcement this week of over €1.8 million in Grant Aid for Social Housing Schemes nationally. "These grants will go to assist the various Voluntary & Co-Operative Housing Bodies working to imrpove the lives of those less well off in our society, at a crucial time in the economic cycle that the Irish economy finds itself in" stated Cllr. Devlin.
These organisations provide housing for low-income families and persons with special housing needs including the elderly, the homeless and persons with a physical or intellectual disability. These programmes form part of the Partnership Agreement "Towards 2016" which this Government are committed to supporting the provision, by approved housing bodies, of 6,000 units of accommodation over 2 years (2007-2009) commented Cllr. Devlin.

The grant was announced by the Minister for Housing, Urban Renewal and Developing Areas; Michael Finneran T.D. Speaking at the launch of Thresholds 2007 Annual Report the Minister said "the 2008 allocations towards the administrative and general expenses of a number of  organisations and  bodies who provide information, research or representative services in the housing
area will assist such organisations in the delivery of their housing objectives".

"The organisations receiving these funds are all playing their part, in one way or another, in the
development of the voluntary and co - operative housing sector in this country and in delivering on need.  I want to ensure that theses organisations are properly resourced and in a position to plan, manage and implement their work programmes. I*m confident that the €1.81 million that I*m allocating today will greatly facilitate relevant bodies in meeting national and local strategic housing objectives. I wish each of them continued success,* said Minister Finneran.

Councillor Devlin said that the €1.8 million was divided down through the following organisations:
Irish Council for Social Housing              530,682
N.A.B.C.O.                                    255,000
Threshold                                     355,000
Focus Ireland                                 147,318
Rural Resettlement Ireland                    135,000
Society of Saint Vincent de Paul              60,000
Simon Communities of Ireland                  60,000
City Housing Initiative                       60,000
Limerick Housing Services Co.                 65,000
Cara Housing Association                      30,000
Safe Home Programme                           25,000
Sonas                                         20,000
Habitat for Humanity Ireland                  15,000
Cope                                          15,000
North & East Housing                          10,000
Thomond Housing Association                    7,000
Praxis                                         5,000
Inis Housing Association                       5,000
Anvers                                         5,000
Carbery Housing Association                    5,000
TOTAL                                        €1,810,00


For more information please contact:
Councillor Cormac Devlin
Fianna Fáil County Councillor for Dún Laoghaire
Office: (01) 2750786
Fax: (01) 2047979


Ministerial Press and Information Office:
Tel (Direct) 888 2000

Note for Editors:
Under the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government
Voluntary Housing Capital Funding Schemes, approved voluntary housing
organisations provide accommodation for renting to certain categories of
tenants such as homeless persons, elderly persons, persons with
disabilities and families on the housing authority waiting list.

In 2007 1,600 units of accommodation were provided by the voluntary and
co-operative sector, bringing the total number of units provided for the
period 2003 to 2007 to 6,182.  There are currently over 19,360 units of
accommodation being managed by approved bodies.

Voluntary and co-operative housing bodies play an increasingly
important role in the provision of rental accommodation and the overall
response to national housing needs. The allocations  announced today
will greatly assist the voluntary and co-operative bodies in putting in
place the necessary resources and structures to plan and implement a
robust programme to deliver on needs.