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Cllr. Cormac Devlin, "Saint Michaels", Glenageary Avenue, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin
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March 2007

Local Councillor for the area, Cormac Devlin asked the Council to un-block a drain outside #18 Rochestown Park as this drain is not working correctly.

Question:Councillor Cormac Devlin
To ask the Manager to repair the section footpath along Rochestown Park particularly outside #3, #7, #14 & #24 as they are un-safe for pedestrians?

These footpaths will have temporary repairs carried out in the next few weeks.  They are not on the Footpath Restoration Programme for 2007.  However, it may be possible to carry out repairs, if resources become available.
Councillor Devlin with members of the DSPCA


March 2007

Cllr. Devlin (who is a member of the ISPCA) had put questions down to ask Dún Laoghaire Rathdown why there was such a high number of dogs being "put-down" by the County Pound. Many of these dogs were picked up by the dog warden and "put-down" quicker than the owners could even contact the pound "which is extremly wrong" stated Cllr. Devlin. As a result, the Council have issued the following recommendations and new guidlines. These have been welcomed by Cllr. Devlin and he also put forward the only motion to add to the new policy (see below):

Council Report by John Guckian Senior Executive Officer:
At the Council Meeting in Jan of this year the Council in reply to 2 questions on the agenda, provided figures on the number of dogs rehomed/destroyed etc from 1/Jan/06 to 18/Dec/06.  A number of councillors who expressed concern it was agreed to examine the matter further and bring back a report to the area committee detailing the councils proposals to increase the percentage of dogs rehomed.

The figures for the full year for 2006 are as follows – 322 dogs surrendered/seized, 46 dogs rehomed.  In discussion with the management of the Pound it has been stated that the reason for the low numbers of dogs rehomed is that many of the dogs which are surrendered/seized are either dangerous or otherwise unfit for rehoming.  However with a view to increasing the awareness of the public of the availability of dogs for rehoming the following initiatives are proposed:

The Council is currently in the process of setting up a web page for the Council’s Dog Pound that will be linked to the Council’s website. This new site will be updated weekly with photographs of dogs from the Pound that are suitable for re-homing. Additionally the site will provide information on how to contact the Council or Pound in order to re-home a dog. Photographs of stray dogs that have been brought to the Pound will also be available on the site to help ensure more owners recover their dogs.

Voluntary animal welfare organizations dealing with dogs who may be in a position to offer suitable homes to unwanted dogs have been advised to contact the Council’s Dog Pound

An advertisement will be placed in local newspapers advising the public to contact the Pound if they are interested in re-homing a dog

The reminder letters issued to dog owners in relation to expired licences will now also include information on the benefits of neutering and micro-chipping of dogs and will encourage owners to have these procedures carried out.Although there is an ongoing problem with the number of stray, surrendered and seized dogs in the County it is hoped that the above initiatives will increase the number of animals re-homed

A discussion followed in which Mr. Guckian responded to the Members’ queries.The report was noted and the following motion was proposed by Councillor Cormac Devlin:

“That this Council on its webpage advertising lost dogs, allows all dog owners to register their email address so when dogs are found that an email goes out to all registered people that a dog has been found in a certain area.

The morion was agreed.

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