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Cllr. Cormac Devlin, "Saint Michaels", Glenageary Avenue, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin
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April 2005

Residents in the Eden Villas/Terrace/Court and Coldwell Street area over Glasthule were expierncing regular problems with their bin collection service. Councillor Devlin placed the following question down at an Area Meeting:

To ask the Manager to report on the following:-
What plans are in place to alleviate the problem of irregular bin collections in the Glasthule area, specifically Eden Court, Eden Villas, Eden Terrace and Coldwell Street

(a)When can a normal and regular bin service be restored to this area.  There are many health and safety issues of concern to local residents due to the areas proximity to the DART line;
(b)I understood that this Council purchased a number of smaller bin lorries so access to narrow streets could be done with ease.  Are these in use;
(c)How many of these smaller trucks do the Council have;
(d)In which areas have these smaller bin lorries been deployed;
(e)Do residents of the above mentioned area have to use a wheelie bin?  If not, what other methods are open to them?”

The Council provides a weekly service to these areas. However, access problems due to careless/illegal parking is the main reason for disruption to the normal refuse collection service. Two smaller freighters are now  being used and return visits to these areas are carried out to deliver the service. The Council can access nearly all those areas with a wheeled bin freighter. It is accepted that some properties have difficulty storing wheelie bins; they are currently using bags and this matter is under review.