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Each year Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council must consider the Local Property Tax rate for our County. The Finance (Local Property Tax) Act 2012 gives councillors the power to increase or decrease the basic rate by +/- 15%. The Council will meet in September to decide whether or not to adjust the rate for 2020.

Residents are encouraged to make written submissions expressing their view on whether they would like to see the rate increased, decreased or unchanged. 

I have consistently voted to reduce the Local Property Tax rate by the maximum 15% level. Nationally, Fianna Fáil is committed to ensuring that any review of the LPT creates no additional financial burden for householders.


The LPT is expected to raise about €44m in 2019 from householders in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown:

The Council budget for 2019 is €183.9m: 

A more detailed summary of the Council's Income & Expenditure is available here​.

The Council's full Budget for 2019 is available here.

The Council has prepared this detailed FAQ about the LPT​


You can make a free submission to the Council about whether you feel the LPT rate for 2020 should be increased, decreased or remain unchanged. There is no prescribed format, but submissions typically include your name, address and an email address along with your comments about the rate variation. If you have any general questions please feel free to contact the LPT Section of the Council on (01) 205 4700.

You can make a submission via the following methods: 

    By email (cc'd to Cllr Devlin)

    Online click here to make an online submission

    By Post to the Council:
                The Local Property Tax Submissions
                "Proposed LPT Variation"
                FMS Section
                County Hall, Marine Road,
                Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin A96 K6C9

Submissions should reach the Council by close of business on Wednesday 14th August

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Click here to download Cormac's LPT leaflet